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Opportunities to see Nichol's choreography in 2016:



Omaha Under the Radar presented Nichol’s new work, The Weight We Carry, at the Sokol Auditorium on July 11th. Nichol also performed with Tbd. Dance Collective.

Nichol taught during Omaha Academy of Ballet’s summer session for the month of July.


Off Guard was presented on June 20th, 2015 at OMAHAgraphy 2015 held at the Motion41 Encore Space in Omaha, NE.

Nichol taught at the 2015 Nebraska Dance Camp held in Halsey, NE from June 21-27th.


Nichol performed her self-choreographed solo, Strange Mercy, as part of Tbd. Dance Collective’s Collected Things concert at the Motion41 Encore Dance Space in Omaha, NE.

“Lazenby’s movements had me conjuring images of Anna Pavlova dancing Mikhail Fokine’s The Dying Swan. Except that Pavlova was dancing all the wrong steps. And that she was thoroughly, over-the-top insane. And on acid." – David Williams

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University of Nebraska Lincoln presented Nichol’s choreography, Within the Light, at the Johnny Carson Theater, Lincoln, NE.


Omaha Dance Project presented Nichol’s choreography, Off Guard and Surrender, at the Jewish Community Center Theater, Omaha, NE.